Why We're Here


Open & Honest Answers for your Journey


We dream of a world where every person has a sex life that brings them joy and satisfaction.
A world where sexual enjoyment is a unique and glorious journey that changes, develops, and improves over a lifetime; bringing pleasure and play to an overall happy life. 

Our Values:

With so much “hustle-culture” and push for productivity, we are often missing the fun & pleasure in life. 
Making pleasure a priority means you can do all those other things with a smile on your face.


Much of our current culture portrays sex as shameful. Evidence of this include:

  • Talking openly about sex is looked down upon or avoided
  • Words that are used to describe sex are “dirty, naughty, filthy, and nasty” 
  • Severe violence and murder in media is common, but exposed body parts are considered unacceptable

We believe in expressing yourself authentically, appreciating uniqueness, and uplifting others. If you come with kindness, you are welcome here. 

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  • Ouch/ Thank You policy
  • Power of Positionality policy
  • Don’t Yuck my Yum policy

OhLearn Presenter:
“Do you all know Punky Bruster? Ah well, I’m dating myself, I’m getting old and crusty”

User fills out an Ouch/Thank You submission for Ageist comment

OhLearn Presenter: “Thank You for your submission about my comment. I can see how that wasn’t inclusive of our whole population. I could have asked if you knew about Punky Bruster without mentioning anything about aging and gone on to discuss how it was relevant.”


BIPOC, two-spirit, non-binary, Assigned Female at Birth (AFAB) and female indentifying, neurodivergent, financially secure, raised in poverty, college educated, community leader in abortion advocacy, impaired with chronic pain due to fibromyalgia, proud father of 4 teenagers, adoptive parent, raised in the foster system, sober for 10 years, sandwich individual caring for elderly parents and children, type 1 diabetic, entrepreneur, history of homelessness, former veteran, practicing buddist, Etc.

These are just a few examples and not an exhaustive list. Also be aware that some Guides may not wish to share all of their positionalities  and we support their privacy