Sexual Astrology Birthchart Readings

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Benefits of knowing your sexual astrology:

  • Self-Understanding: A sexual astrological birthchart reading might help individuals gain a deeper understanding of their own sexual desires, preferences, and needs. This self-awareness could potentially lead to more fulfilling sexual experiences.

  • Communication: By understanding each partner’s astrological tendencies, couples might be better equipped to communicate openly about their sexual needs and expectations, potentially leading to improved intimacy.

  • Compatibility Insights: Proponents of sexual astrology believe that analyzing birthcharts can provide insights into how compatible two individuals might be sexually. This could help individuals make more informed decisions about potential partners.

  • Exploration: Some people turn to sexual astrology as a tool for exploring new aspects of their sexuality. It might encourage individuals to experiment with different practices or approaches based on their astrological profile.

  • Personal Growth: A sexual astrological birthchart reading might prompt individuals to reflect on their sexual experiences and relationships, leading to personal growth and self-improvement.

  • Validation: For those who believe in astrology, a positive sexual astrological reading could provide a sense of validation and affirmation of their sexual inclinations and desires.

  • Conversation Starter: Discussing astrological compatibility can be a fun and engaging way for couples to start conversations about their sexual relationship, leading to greater openness and intimacy.

  • Enhanced Intimacy: Some proponents of sexual astrology argue that aligning one’s sexual preferences with astrological guidance might lead to a heightened sense of intimacy and connection between partners.


It’s important to approach sexual astrology with a critical and open mind. While some individuals might find value in these readings, others may see them as mere entertainment. As with any form of guidance, it’s crucial to make decisions about your relationships and sexual experiences based on a combination of self-awareness, open communication, and genuine connection with your partner.

Full Reading Topics:

  • What’s attractive to you
  • What’s attractive to about
  • Your communication style around sex
  • Favored initiation strategies
  • Setting the scene for sex in the way that works for you
  • The deeper drive and how sex is uniquely meaningful to you
  • Moving towards a “fulfilled” sex life

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Mini Readings Include

Pick 3 of the topics listed in the Full Readings and receive your personalized recorded mini reading to help you unveil cosmic insights, empower your choices, and celebrate your unique path.

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