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My Positionality:
My name is Marissa Zumbo and my pronouns are she/her/they. I identify as a pansexual, queer, abled, white, cisgender (slightly genderqueer) woman. I’ve struggled with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and complex PTSD throughout my life. I was born in the US, am a college graduate, and my first language is English. I acknowledge that many of my identities have provided me with advantages in my life and I am committed to continuously understanding how privilege affects me and the people around me, as well as trying to mend the systems that have unfairly benefitted me or others.
Who I am most Championing for:
Professional Writer
Proud Dog Mom
Mental Health Advocate
Shameless quiz taker
Meyer Briggs INTJ, Ravenclaw, Enneagram Type 3, Pisces with Leo Rising, Green Lightsaber
If I could tell the world one thing, it would be:
“”You never need to compare yourself to other people. The only person you need ever compare yourself to is the you from yesterday and the days before. If you’re progressing, you’re already succeeding.””

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