What To Expect

Sessions with Guides

Pleasure does not need to be earned. It is not a reward for doing the mundane parts of life well. Pleasure is balancing the scales. As stress and hardships add up, pleasure will keep you afloat... But only if you allow yourself to use it

Why People Choose to Show Up

We can help with many things, here are some of the main areas of focus that people show up for:

  • Improved brain-body connection (aka feeling more “in your body” during sexual experiences)
  • Figuring out what your desires are
  • Feeling more comfortable being sexual
  • Communicating about what you want
  • Learning about how and which toys or play items to add to the fun
  • Questions about transitioning from monogamy to polyamory
  • Exploring new sexual identities or sexual attractions
  • Discussing how teach kids about sex in a body-positive, shame-free, and consent-focused way
  • Experiences of physical discomfort with sex that has already been cleared by a licensed medical doctor and determined to be not medical in nature
  • Discovering your sexually empowered-self


For partnered persons, our guides can help with

  • Finding ways to address mismatch libidos(for example, one partner wants sexual experiences often and another does not)
  • Communicating wants or needs
  • Increasing intimacy and closeness with partner(s)
  • Balancing satisfaction for those who want different types of sex
  • Prioritizing sex with busy lives that may be demanding with work, kids, and/or family responsibilities
  • Learning what it takes to have a healthy sex life prior to engaging in sexual behaviors (for example: partnered persons who are choosing to wait to be married before engaging in sexual acts)
  • Discussing how to teach kids about sex in a body-positive, shame-free, and consent-focused way
  • Reigniting that spark of desire
  • Polycules who want help balancing the dynamics of differing sexual needs and desires 
  • Adding fun or new experiences to current sex life

Group Sessions are great for many situations, some may include: 

  • Friends who want to explore the topics of sexuality in a more comfortable, group, settings (Note this is for 18+ individuals only)
  • Caregivers of children who want to learn to teach sex in a body-positive, shame-free, consent-focused way
  • Spicing up a Bach/Bachelorette/Bachelor Party with a Guide there to discuss all things in a fun and playful way


Things our guides will not be able to help with, and the people that you might want to discuss concerns with:

  • Relationship struggles that are not related to sexual connection or experiences Please seek a licensed Counselor or Therapist with this specialty 
  • Any physical pain with sexual experiences. Please seek a Medical Doctor and/or Pelvic floor Physical Therapist
  • Anyone experiencing erectile disfunction must be cleared by a Medical Doctor, and likely a Cardiologist as E.D. can be a sign of heart disease
  • When experiencing heavy shame associated with Sex. Please seek a Licensed therapist that specializes in sexuality
  • Persons with a history of sexual trauma that has not been discussed with a therapist or that is negatively affecting sexual experiences. Please seek a Licensed therapist that specializes in sexuality
  • For body dysmorphia. Please seek a Licensed Therapist.
  • Any symptoms of depression, anxiety, or other mental illness. Please seek a Licensed Therapist

How to Start

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Discuss your concerns or desires with your Guide and develop a personalized plan to get close to what you truly want

Start Your Journey

Meet with your Guide and embark on the path of gaining tools, skills, and confidence that you need to get your greatest sex life

What to Expect with Sessions?

  • First, a thorough intake and evaluation will be performed to understand your personal needs and unique lived experiences 
  • Next, you and your Guide will create a collaborative plan designed around your goals and what you would like to gain
  • During the Sessions, you will be provided with:
    • A confidential space to discuss struggles, desires, or kinks
    • Open and supportive conversations
    • Gaining of knowledge, skills, and increased confidence or comfortability with sex
    • Simple homework assignments to do outside of session times that move you towards your goals
    • Reflection of experiences of previous assignments
  • Note that rate of movement towards your goals is very individual. Your Guide will design and adjust the sessions to move at a pace that is comfortable for you
  • If you need more than 1-2 Sessions, like in the case of many goals or ones that are further from achieving, you and your Guide will discuss if biweekly or weekly Sessions are best. We do not suggest going longer than 3 weeks between sessions since it makes progress difficult. 
  • You’ll also get a mid-session “check-in” by your Guide through text, call, or email to see how things are going and touch base with progress. We want to make sure you have the support you need to move towards your best sex life!
  • First, each partner will take a thorough intake and evaluation to help the Guide understand everyone’s personal needs and unique lived experiences 
  • Your Guide will then meet with each person separately to understand the direction that they wish the sexual relationship to move towards
    • Note that this is confidential and not shared with other partners 
  • A collaborative plan may develop if, when partners are sharing with one another, a common desire is found
  • A combination of individual and partnered sessions are offered to allow space for each person to touch base with their goals regularly and also for the collective sexual goals to be moved towards
    • If you prefer only partnered sessions, that is also available
  • Note that rate of movement very individual and heavily depends on the motivation of the partners towards improved sex lives. Your Guide will adjust the sessions to move at a pace that will allow for progression but still be reasonably comfortable.
  • The partners and Guide will decide together how often Sessions should occur. In cases where partners are striving to make big changes, meeting more often, like weekly, is encouraged. For partners who are relatively satisfied but might just want new ideas or fun experiences, a Session once or twice a year might be plenty.  
  • When partnered people are involved, it can make things significantly more fun! It also means that there are more needs to balance. With any partnered sessions, the goals is to move closer to your dream sex life and have your partners move closer to theirs too. Everyone’s dream is a little different but finding that sweet in-between spot can be quite a pleasurable journey!

Group Sessions are always fun because they are always so unique!

  • For Bach/ Bachelorette/ Bachelor parties, we coordinate with you for what you would like on the sex ed menu. Toys? Kinks? Maybe just general sex info or tips on having a great married sex life. Our Guides are very knowledgeable and would like to pop in for a video call during your big night!
  • Are you a group of parents or caregivers, questioning when and how to talk about sex with your kids? Look no further, we got you. We’ll ask some questions ahead of time, like ages and any specific questions or topics that you want discussed. Then we’ll plan for a video call to give you the Guidance that you are looking for and answer anything else you want to know about. We want to provide you with guidance that is age-appropriate for the children you are teaching and help you feel more confidence about handling the subject of sex. Please note that we cannot provide education to anyone under 18 years old and they cannot be present during the sessions.
  • We have plenty of other options for group Guidance so if you want to know, just send us a message or book a consultation for start the fun

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Professionalism is maintained at all times. Sessions with Guides are conversation and education based only
  • Sessions do NOT include any sexually explicit acts, nudity, or dialogue for the intention of sexual arousal
  • Disrespectful comments will not be tolerated
  • Confidentiality of information will be maintained with a few exceptions including unconsenting harm to others or self and/or evidence of neglect. (Note: This does not include mutually consenting behaviors, such as kinks or BDSM)
  • Your Guide will check-in regularly to confirm that you are as comfortable as you wish to be. Your Guide will do their best to move at a pace that works for you
  • With your prior agreement, we may offer outside resources like books, educational videos, etc.
  • Personalized sessions last 1 hour
  • We offer video or phone calls for these sessions. Video is preferred for a more personalized feeling though sometimes a phone call may be more practical if you are on the go or between things. We require the first full session to be a video call.
  • We do not offer in-person sessions.
  • While much of what we do can be therapeutic, the Guides are NOT therapists and cannot diagnose or treat mental illnesses
  • Sex therapy may be the right choice for people who need intensive help, like in the cases of sexual trauma and assault, heavy shame associated with sex or sexual acts, partners experiencing lack of trust, and others
  •  If at any time, your Guide feels that a different professional may be better suited for your needs, we will be very honest and may use our network to help you get the most beneficial guidance 
  • Most people don’t require intensive therapy to help them move towards their dream sex life. Our Guides can help you gain confidence, understanding, and skills to get you where you want to be 
  • We do our best to value the individual experience and create an inclusive environment. We may or may not have Guides that share your identities. We recognize that our staff appears to have significant representation of fem and white communities and hope to provide more diversity in representation, especially of minority groups, as we expand. Please note that while our appearance may present this way, not all of our Guides identify as white or fem, please see each Guide’s page for their positionality
  • We really do care about your individual needs. Every person’s lived experience is different and we recognize that. Your unique self may benefit greatly from the knowledge that our Guides have. However, if our guides don’t have the specialties that you are looking for, we may use our network for Guides or resources that can help you move towards your greatest sex life
  • Every situation is different
  • Sometimes, it’s clear when Sessions should end, for instance, a Friday night Bach party. Or when an Individual wanted to learn more about a specific type of sex, gained that information, and was able to successfully enjoy that new & fun experience
  • However, other times aren’t quite so clear, which can be the case when partners have different ideas of a dream sex life or when an Individual working on improving intimacy with others finds themselves single. In the cases where an end is less clear, there’s usually a time when it feels like a natural time to decrease frequency of sessions or stop
  • Our Guides are here though, even after you’ve moved on, if you ever want a check-in, touch-base, or have another adventure that you want some guidance on
  • While many people benefit from this form of Guidance, not everyone does. If you feel that this isn’t a good fit, we encourage you to do what’s right for you. Sessions can be stopped at any time. Likewise, if your Guide believes that they aren’t the best person suited for your needs, they may refer you to another Guide or even a different type of professional, like a therapist or pelvic floor specialist
  • You also have the option to chat with other Guides and see if someone else feels right
  • Honestly, if you aren’t happy with the direction it’s going, please reach out so we can help you get where you want to go, even if that isn’t with us. You deserve a great sex life.